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“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates

In this technological era, the presence of your business on virtual platforms is a must. If it does not exist virtually, it doesn’t exist at all. A number of new websites are launched every single day. Creating even a single application requires a team of website developers. This led to a great demand for programmers and developers in tech companies. If you also aim at working as a website developer, you should start from scratch. Learning some essential skills like database management, programming languages is not enough if you do not bring those into practice. An internship gives you a platform where you get a chance to work and learn with senior web developers.

The perks of interning as a website developer – An internship works as an origin point that takes you on the way to becoming an aspiring website developer. During the internship period, you get a chance to apply your knowledge practically. You work with a website developer team and learn from your seniors.

Here are some perks of being a website development intern –

● Hands-on Exposure – When you enter an internship period, you will get the opportunity of working in the real tech world. Working on different kinds of projects with senior web developers gives you hands-on exposure. you will get to learn time management, communication, organizational skills, teamwork, and many more. All This learning will make you fit for a website developer job in the future.

● Job Offer – Many organizations offer you a job based on your work performance once the internship period is over. So, if you work hard and maintain a good relationship with your team and seniors, this will increase the chances of your hiring.

● Recommendation Letter – Companies also give you recommendation letters after the completion of your internship period. This recommendation letter and certificate make your resume more valuable. All these documents along with your working experience on various projects open the door to jobs for you in top tech firms.

● Connection – During the internship period, you get a chance to build links with your senior website developers. You talk to them about their journey of becoming web developers. How did they start their career as a web developer? You can learn more from them and their job experience. Their guidance may lead you on the path of
becoming a successful website developer.

Tips for getting a website development internship –
Landing into a website development internship does not require any previous work experience. Having knowledge of programming language, technical skills, a basic understanding of the latest tools and some theoretical knowledge is a plus point.

Outbound links help search engines to know what other sites your content relates to, thus helping Google figure out how your content relates to the larger question of what topic you’re covering on a web page.

If you are not already thinking about using outbound links in your content, you should be.

Optimizing outbound links is one of the link-building tactics where the industry is divided; some consider it as essential while others do not. Whatever people believe, we should pay attention to how to use outbound links.

Here are some tips and tricks for securing a website development internship position –

● Effective Resume – Present an impressive resume before the recruiter. Your resume should look appealing for working as a web developer intern. Mention all the essential technical skills that you have and make you fit for the role of web developer intern. Exhibit yourself as an aspiring web developer but never exaggerate or present false
information via your CV.

● Online Portfolio – Having a professional online portfolio on different social platforms is a strong point. You may create your portfolio on Linkedin, Facebook, blogs, or you may have your own website. Your online portfolio should present you as an aspiring web developer. It should show your work, achievements, and work links. When your recruiter will go through your online portfolio, he/she will have a great impression of yours. Your chances of hiring you as an intern will increase.

● Networking – Attend the meetups of the web developers community. Make favorable and professional connections in the tech industry. Keep in touch with the people in the web developer community via Linkedin, Facebook profiles, and pages. Join the pages of tech companies on social media. When they post vacancies or open positions for internships, you will get to know about them from there.

● Github – Create a Github account. Showcase your skills and work there. Update your account regularly. Prospective recruiters keep an eye on updated accounts and may come in touch with you.

● Hackathons – Participate in hackathons. Accept and Complete the challenges with the web developer team. You will get a chance to meet with other developers and programmers of similar interest.

Top companies that open positions for website development internships –

From a small-scale web development company to top tech firms, they all offer internship opportunities to aspiring web developers and programmers. In top tech firms, competition is very tough. A large number of applications arrive on a very less number of open positions. But to secure a position as an intern in a giant tech firm, you need to be different from the crowd. Although the pay is scanty, keep in mind that you have approached the large firm for learning, not earning. Keep focusing on long-term gain.

Here are some giant tech firms discussed which open positions for website development internship –

● Visa – A California-based company, Visa is popular among the web developer community. Visa offers internship opportunities to zealous web developers. A three-month internship period here will help you to learn all the essential skills required for becoming a top-class web developer.

● Thermo Fisher Scientific – Headquartered in the US, this company develops scientific software for government and industries like healthcare, life science, academic, etc., Getting an internship opportunity here is tough as the competition is very high. Prepare yourself with commands on multiple programming languages and the latest technological tools before you apply here.

● Hewlett Packard – HP’s reputation is known all over the world. Even if you are a tiny part of the tech world, you will have a clear image of HP as a top-class tech firm. It has hundreds of branches across the world. Technical skills along with communication skill is a must for getting the internship opportunity here.

● WebFX – It is a top-class digital marketing agency. It offers internship opportunities to students who aspire to make a career in digital marketing. Its specialized internship programs include digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and lead generation. Interning here requires flexible hours and the pay is hourly based which is $16/hr.

● BECK Digital – If you aspire to work with a team full of software professionals, then apply here. The candidates who have knowledge of programming languages and PHP applications are given preference here. If you get a chance to intern here, you will get to know the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of working as a web developer.

● Haystack – Haystack offers a 15 week long internship period with flexible working hours. A candidate having a basic understanding of HTML, PHP, and CSS is given preferences for internship programs.

These are some of the giant tech firms which offer internships to the zealous web aspirants. There are many more companies like American Enterprise Institute, Power Digital Marketing, etc., that offer a paid internship.

Landing into a website development internship increases your value. This also increases the chance of securing a job in top tech firms.

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