Video Marketing to Increase by 73%



Social media platforms are now the main modes of internet marketing since the last few years. According to the reports submitted by the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, video ads have increased prominently. The details are analyzed from several perspectives.

Viral video marketing has become the trend of internet marketing with over 60 per cent of the marketing companies claiming to have resorted to video mode for publicizing their advertisement. The reports also project that about 73% are looking to increase their advertisement modes to videos too in the coming years.

The advent of live video will also add to the rise. Currently, only Periscope and Facebook has such an option. Live video is a new addition and yet there is an estimate of about 35% of marketers who look forward to making use of live video media as internet marketing mode in 2016. Live streaming will gain viewer attention as they will be able to view film footages in live mode. Some raise concern over the popularity of live video decreasing in later years, but in the current status, viewers are looking forward to more live footages. Much information is not available about live videos but about 50% of them are trying to learn more about it.

Of all the businesses using marketing purposes, 88 % of them claim that videos either for promotion on television or on the internet are great means of advertisement. They claim that the understanding that the videos provide about the product is much greater than written ads or posters.

Potential customers are increasingly relying on videos to make the choice of purchase. These can be review videos, company advertisement videos or even product usage videos published by the business or users. Consumer expectations can be maintained with video ads as they get to know a clear picture of the product before purchasing it.

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