Marketing’s new balance: Customer connection vs. data and performance



In the general sense, marketing is “the science and art of convincing customers to buy”. Philip Kotler defined marketing as “a managerial or social process through which groups of individuals get whatever they want by providing some services, and through exchanging the value of the products and services they provide ”

Simplistically, marketing is “the art and science of selling.”

Due to the nature of marketing processes, ways to implement marketing decisions, understanding and new vision of the elements that are making up a marketing action and due to different levels of perception and approach to this aspect of the market economy, definitions and explanations provided by deadline marketing are diverse and constantly adapted to the new realities of the economic environment.


The target of marketing is to convince the customers to use your products and services.  The best campaigns should be based on customer emotions and thoughts. Marketing agencies should place less value on data and put more value on customer senses because marketing is the art that few understand. Market agents when someone tells them to focus on the thoughts and the feelings of their clients are very surprised because they do not understand the importance of this. A good marketing agent must be a good psychologist because he should understand his customer very well. Between buyers and sellers should be a strong connection.


Nowadays, clients have very much control over marketing agents. Customers are expecting to benefit from the best services and products. In this case, marketing agents and marketing agencies should think about it and to offer their customers the quality they want. Also, agents should think less about statistics and put more emphasis on their connection with customers.

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