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Good consultancy solves half the problem. Consultancy is much more than giving advice. Experts directly involve themselves with a problem-solving attitude from the beginning of website development to the launching of a successful website of your business.

As a client, you only know the core of your business and what you actually want to achieve through your newly developed website. But how to do it? Here comes the role of website development consultant. They consult on your project at each step whether it is Prototyping, designing, developing, testing, or bug fixing.

Here are the roles and responsibilities of website development consultants at each stage of the website development process –

  1. Preliminary investigation – For a web development consultant, the very first step is to understand the requirement of the client. They need to deeply consider each objective and how to achieve those objectives to reach the goal.
  2. Planning – Once the objectives become clear to the consultant, they start planning how to design, develop and deliver an effective website for your business. In the planning process, web development consultants discuss with the web developer, designer, and other technical team members.
  3. Designing – ‘Look and feel of a website totally depends on its design. Most of the visitors quickly leave the website due to the poor design and they may move to your competitor’s website. Poor design may lead you to lose your potential customer. Here you need a design consultant who can help and suggest a user-friendly and attractive design for your website which draws the attention of visitors and holds them for a longer period.
  4. Website Development – The website developer creates the website under the supervision of a web consultant. Here the roles of the two, website developer and website consultant, are different, website developers only focus on writing code and creating a functional website whereas web consultants focus on website strategy, navigational paths, SEO friendly, content management, engagement, traffic driven website and many more.
  5. Testing – If bugs are found during the testing process of a developed website, the web consultant helps developers to get a final error-free functional website.

Website development consultants are responsible for clearing each stage of the development process successfully and also responsible for the overall development of the website. They develop websites from a client’s perspective as well as from a user’s point of view so that the requirements of clients can be fulfilled and the user should also have a good experience while visiting the site. If the developed website can drive traffic and intrigue the user to learn more about business, product, or services, then chances of your business growth increase.


Website development consultants work with technical teams and also, they interview clients to know their needs and requirements better. All this job requires technical skills, management skills, and interpersonal skills to make a project a great success.

A web development consultant should possess the below-mentioned skills to be a master of their work field –

  1. Coding – Web consultants should have a good command of multiple programming languages and also, he/she should be up to date with upcoming programming languages because writing code is an essential part of their job.
  2. Graphic design – They must have the graphic design skill as they have to add visuals on web pages. They should know the kind of graphics that attract visitors and draw their attention.
  3. Content strategy – They must possess SEO skills so that they can drive heavy traffic to the website.
  4. Communication skill – As their first step is to interview the client, they should have great communication skills so that they can take the client in their favor and close the deal.
  5. Technical skills – Web consultants should know the proper use of various computer software like photoshop for graphic design, content management software, and many other similar applications.

Web development consultants should be well versed with all the technological practices like knowing backend, database, libraries, framework, and name a few. As a web consultant works with a team, He/she should also have great interpersonal skills so that they can handle the coordination among the team members.

Small-scale web development companies hire website development consultants for the duration of a specific project due to the lack of in-house technical experts. Multi-millionaire web development agencies have their own in-house consultants to ensure the proper process of web development. They help the organization to select the technology, framework, supervise the development process, testing, launching, and provide many more services.

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