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SEO specialists are like a marketing professional who drives more and more traffic to your website by improving the rank of your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Google and other search engines bring small changes in their algorithms from time to time. An SEO expert keeps an eye on these small changes and apply their knowledge and tactics to optimize your site for Google. This helps increase the visibility of the website and drive organic traffic to it.

Qualification for Becoming an SEO Specialist – For becoming an SEO expert, the graduation stream doesn’t matter. This job is open for all graduates. An SEO specialist job requires analytical and technical skills, a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization and some creative skills to design and develop effective messages. And yes, if you have a relevant degree in the technical field or social media marketing, that would be a plus point. Overall, you have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to achieve a higher ranking of the organization’s website.

Career Path – You decided to become an SEO expert but wondering about how to start and where to start?

If you have a relevant degree or certificate and skills, you can instantly apply for an internship. Why internship first? Because degree and theoretical knowledge doesn’t matter if you do not have experience of working in the organisation. An internship provides you with the opportunity to work with a senior SEO specialist. You can learn more practical knowledge from them. Besides practical knowledge, an internship certificate and letter recommendation will also help you to get a job as an SEO specialist.

And if you do not have a relevant degree, then, first of all, join a 3 month or 6-month course in Digital Media Marketing or a specific course that will teach you about SEO. Learn the Search Engine Optimization tools and tactics. Then go for the internship and grab a job opportunity.

Skills possessed by an SEO Specialist – 

If you are dreaming about becoming an SEO specialist, you must possess some of the basic skills that an SEO expert should have. Here are some prominent skills that are required for SEO professionals –

  • You should have a genuine interest in Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing.
  • Individuals should commit to keeping technical skills up to date
  • Keep an eye on even a small change in Google algorithms
  • Proper understanding of search engines and social media marketing and campaigns
  • A good understanding of Public Relations (PR) and reflect the right messages over there
  • Use of keywords, meta tags and SEO tools
  • Good analytical skills to understand the search engine algorithms

Hierarchy of Job Positions – You can start from an SEO trainee or Junior SEO executive in an entry-level position. Experienced individuals can start from a mid-level position like an SEO executive. A learned and most experienced person gets a senior-level job position like SEO Manager. The hierarchy from an entry-level position to senior level would be like this – Building expert, SEO consultant, SEO project manager, SEO and SEM specialist, PPC expert, Analytics Expert, Digital marketing manager, SEO trainer, Freelance SEO professional. The more you walk and go ahead on an SEO career path, the more salary hike will be.

Career Outlook – The era of online competition began with the digital revolution. Every company and organization wants to be on top. The organisation wants visibility and traffic at their doors. All this increased the demand for SEO professionals across the globe. This surge in demand for SEO specialists opens the door for job opportunities all over the world. SEO specialist jobs are demanding in the market, that too with good salaries. This position attracts individuals who want to be in the technical field.

Overall, it can be considered as an in-field demanding and prestigious job with good prospects and salary.


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